the senators fiasco of 2018 and the dialogue of angels case in akan essien


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…I felt myself lifted bodily and deposited on a rock inscribed with the word ‘siddon look’.

There on top of the rock, the heavens opened and I saw a distinguished gathering of Angels. They were dressed in an unusual way. I began to think. Are Angels not supposed to wear white overalls? Why are these Angels wearing Agbada, Asoke, Kaftan and English attire? The Angels that I saw ate chicken and on their tables were huge bottles of ‘Jucee’ orange drinks, and bottled water. Their left hands were occupied with wireless handsets, which some of them, while their meeting lasted, talked into them and smiled like people amused at some remarkable discovery.

So Angels could have a good time? Why do they look like Sumo wrestlers from Japan? They were questions without answers. I observed in the gathering that something was amiss. Where I God? My heart trembled at the thought of a heaven without God’s divine presence. I scanned through the depths of heaven to ascertain God’s location but an inscription answered my curiosity. At the entrance by the gate of heaven, golden engraved words read, ‘God is not welcomed’.

Dialogue Of Angels By Akan Essien

As I wondered what that meant, I saw an Angel rising up to speak. Another Angel rose up and shouted him down. Those on the sides of the two Angels started to shout at each other, some poked their fingers at the faces of their opponents; other jerked their opponents by the collar of their attire. It looked as if a free-for-all fight was about to ensue.

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The Angel that rose up to talk first flew to where a long staff was, and with the staff flew out of heaven down to earth with another Angel acting like his escort. Pandemonium broke out, Angels began to fight.

Who is in charge of these rascal Angels? I wanted to shout, but I observed that the two Angels who had escaped from heaven landed close to where I was.

“Angel Vulture, why did you leave with the staff of heaven?” Angel Baboon began.

“I am not a fool! Heaven is tense. Can you imagine? Someone moved a motion to impeach me? there are so many Angels who are interested in my beautiful garden at ‘chop chop’ planet. The staff of heaven would give them legal right to enter and pluck whatever fruits they wish, so I cannot afford such a misadventure”, Angel Vulture replied.

Dialogue Of Angels By Akan Essien

“So Angel Vulture, how will you discourage Angels from snatching the staff of heaven from you? Angel Baboon enquired.

“Dear Baboon! I know my ways. I know a Zoo where I can always hide the staff. A python could be charmed to swallow the staff. It would be quite safe in its stomach till when the storm in heaven has abated then I would invoke the snake to vomit out the staff. “Don’t forget we are Angels o! We can create, and do as we wish”, Angel Vulture answered.

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“Hmmmmm! What a thought,” Angel Baboon said.

“But Angel Baboon, is it true that the funds you were given to replace the bulb at St. Chop and Don’t Quench Park, have vanished?” asked Angel Vulture.

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“Don’t mind my detractors; it will not be well with them. Should Angels not hold money? Why should we be heavenly conscious all the time? Why should fellow Angels cry wolf when there is none. I contracted the project to fellow Angelic Company and I was surprise the same fellows were the ones who broadcasted my share of the funds to other Angels. “Why should Angels think that an honorable Angel like me could steal heavenly resources?”Angel Baboon fumed.

“Is that what happened?” Angel Vulture asked. “Yes! My dear brother in Angelic responsibilities”, replied Angel Baboon.

“I believe you, our enemies don’t like us. Imagine, one of them alleged that I inflated the amount for the furniture in my heavenly palace. How could they be daft? Does our doctrine not tell us that we should not muzzle Angels that carry out spiritual assignments? Where is our reward for the hours we spend deliberating on building our heavenly nation? If we appropriate for running of our heavenly government, can’t we appropriate for earthly things? When we retire from heaven, where will we stay? Is it not on earth? The future is uncertain, if we are not allowed to be Angels again, ours is finished. So it is not out of place if we make full use of our situation now and appropriate some funds for unforeseeable circumstance. Don’t you think so? Angel Baboon?.

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“You are not far from the truth” began anger Baboon, I can assure you that now, I know how to deal with my detractors. Angel True-lie was one of them. He blackmailed me because of the heavenly craft project. Can you remember our attempt to buy a spaceship for all Angels

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“I do remember,” Angel Vulture said nodding his head.

Angel Baboon continued: “If you can’t remember very well, I was the Chairman of the committee for the purchase of the craft, I demanded for my percentage, from the contractors, which is not unusual in business.

Do you know what happened? Angel True-Lie got to know of my deal with the contractors and then demanded for three million heavenly dollars or else he would expose me. I conceded to his demand but I was very wise. I decided to investigate Angel True-Lie’s claims of having attended spiritual schools at Pronto. What did I see! Lies without end. I did not waste time; I sent my discovery straight to St. Gabriel’s News Agency, which broadcasted it throughout the galaxies. That was why Angel Tue-Lie was sent packing form heaven.

Dialogue Of Angels By Akan Essien

“You are a genius, Angel Baboon”, Angel Vulture said. Geniuses are innate. The day you become an Angel, it flows naturally, Angel Baboon smiled as he replied.

“But why can’t I think like you, I mean your ruggedness why can’t I act like you do?” Angel Vulture enquired.

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