impact of training on workers performance in first bank plc


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1.1    Background to the Study

Training is a systematic development of knowledge, skills and attitudes required by employees to perform adequately on a given task or job. Training and development  are required for staff to enable them achieve the organizations goals and objectives. Training and development is an aspect of human resource management in an organization which must be embarked upon either proactively or reactively to meet the changes that are bound to occur in organizations. All employees regardless of their previous education, training and experience need to be trained periodically in order to keep their knowledge updated.

Jucious (2007) observes that training is a process of acquiring specific skill to perform a job better Usually an organization facilitates employee learning through training so that their modified behavior contribute to the attainment of the organization “s goals and objectives . Similarly, Dahama (2005) sees training as a process that helps people to become qualified and proficient in doing their jobs.

Beach (1980), said it is obvious that organization existing structure and manpower to beaved success. But he said good structure of organization largely depends on the efficient and effectiveness of their employee. He concluded that training and development becomes necessity to every organization especially banking industries which is characterizes with risks and turnover” 

Appleby (1992), said, training has been conceptualized among formal organization as at (a) to enhance job efficiency (b) to increase productivity both at present and future job (c) to contribute realistically to the achievement if corporate goals.

However, it views that there challenges still confronting organizational training programmes. This includes: poor training facilities, poor, capacity building, inadequate of fund, lack of competent trainee, and as well as under utilization of a trained staff. But, attempt has been through provision of standard training facilities and personnel, increase budgetary allocation , chosen career building programme and organize foreign course (outside) i.e. international, and local course (in house ) i.e. national.

Management practitioners and researchers have gathered information through the research conducted on the effectiveness of training on employee performance in the past the fact that human resources are the most dynamic of the entire organization’s resources calls for proper attention to be given to it by the management if they are to realize full organization goals. Training and development are important tools employed today’s organization to achieve their inward organizational objectives for growth and achievement. It leads to emergence of new career opportunities.

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The behaviour and attitude of employee’s must be change positively to achieve an acceptable result. Employees want to use to a change for the better in their plc of work, they want to be skillful and have a wider knowledge of techniques which may be required in the’ future to meet: anticipated future needs of the organization.

In the banking industry, the success of an organization is extremely dependent on its human resources. Although there are many other factors that play a key role, a bank must have effective employees in order to stay financially solvent and competitive. In order to maintain their competitive advantage, banks must be aware of the importance of training and development. Many banks make the mistake of assuming that employees are only seeking financial benefits for their jobs. Banks must have employees who are able to quickly adapt to an ever changing world market. Technological advancement ensures that changes are always taking place in the banking industry, this results in skills already acquired by bank staff becoming obsolete.

Hence, the need for training and retraining. Training does not only improve employee skills, but also improves their behaviour and attitude towards work. This in turn improves job performance at all levels, which facilitates the realization of both individual and organizational objectives. Banks therefore need to invest in employee training and development in order to remain in business and be successful. It is against this background that this seminar work is carried out. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to evaluate the impact of training on worker’s performance in First Bank of Nigeria Plc. Aka Road Branch, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

1.2    Statement of the Problems

The issues of employee training were not taken seriously by many organizations, this is because of the failure to acknowledge the fact that the business environment has become very dynamic and only those organizations with the right manpower to meet the modern technological and informational need in the business times can succeed in the globalized business world.

Training is paramount to the success of any modern organization, for organization to compete effectively it must train its manpower to meet with the requirements for sustainability. However, organisation that do not train or embark on inadequate training encounter certain problems, these include low performance, poor coordination, increase labuor turnover, inadequate manpower low capital base, loss of market share, and the inability to cope favorably with the technological and informational demands of the business environment.  What organizations could do to handle these problems is to engage on effective training of employees. Thus, a study on training becomes necessary.

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According to Ekakitie, (2007) there is some link between training and good performance but the direction is difficult to identify. Nonetheless, what is known for sure is that the training and development of staff is relevant in better performing companies. The difficulty in identifying the correlation between training as well as performance is attributed to the determination of changes in performance. Measuring knowledge acquired is easy to determine. But to measure skills and attitude development is a different aspect to consider. This evaluation needs to be done over a long time period and needs to be carried out by those working with the candidate, to evaluate how the delegate performed before and then after the training process in First Bank of Nigeria Plc.

impact of training on workers performance in first bank plc

1.3   Statement of Objectives

Generally, the target of the study is to serve the effectiveness of training on employee’s performance; the specific objectives are:-

1.         To determine the nature of relationship between training and organizational growth.

2.         To evaluate the extent to which training results to employee job satisfaction.

3.         To examine the effect of training on employee self confidence.

4.         To evaluate the effect of training on employee performance.

1.4    Research Questions

The research questions for this study are clearly stated as follows:

1.         What is the nature of relationship between training and organizational growth?

2.         To what extent has training resulted to employee job satisfaction?

3.         What is the effect of training on employees self confidence?

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4.         What is the effect of training on employee performance?

 1.5      Scope of the Study

The scope of this study is delimited in scope to the impact of training on employees’ performance in First Bank of Nigeria Plc. Geographically, the study was conducted at First Bank Nigeria Plc, Aka Road Branch, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

1.6       Limitation of the Study

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Financial Constraint: A study of this magnitude requires a huge sum of money to source and analyse data. Due to financial constraint the researcher could not cover all the commercial banks in delta state.

Time Constraint: A study of this nature would normally require years to complete. That much needed time was not there but the work has to be carried out within a stipulated period of time.

Attitude of respondents: Few of the respondents were reluctant to give vital information since they were not certain of the implication of doing so.

1.7    Significance of the Study

  1. The result of this study will serve as a yardstick to measure the successes of training in the commercial banks.
  • The study will prepare the managers of banks with the right information for training.
  • The study will correct the misconceptions by most people that investment in training is a waste of organization scarce resources that could be utilized for other things.
  • The study will also serve as reference materials for future studies.
  • Also, the study would be useful to the institution (school) and department by design training curriculum and programme for their staff and students.
  • Again, the study would contribute to further academic knowledge or research especially to students and scholars who will be embarking on similar research topic: Training and development 

1.8   Definition of Terms

Training: it implies preparation for specific skill occupation, very narrow conception than education, learning and development etc.

Education: those are basic instruction in knowledge and skill designed to enable participant to make the most of his as a whole, it is very personal and board based.

Learning: this is a situation to acquire knowledge on specific phenomenon. Its continues in nature.

Employee: this is resources or organization i.e. human resources that are employee and paid to worth determinable or under determinable period.

Performance: it refers to jobs done, i.e. work done and being paid for a performance of worker at particular job assigned to him/her.

Employee Performance: An increase in employee’s productivity, being able to meet a set objective effectively and efficiently

Organization: this s social activity that comprises group of people and it is an organization that creates room for sentence of people and individual;

Objectives: at the early stage is to achieve the existence an operative of organization.

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