The Impact of Teachers Teaching Methods on the Academic Performance of Primary School


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1.1       Background to the Study

Effective teaching requires the teacher to step out of the realm of personal experience and step into the world of the learners (Brown, 2007). It is the learner who must be engage for learning to occur, the learner is the one who must take the commitment to learn. Instruction is the transmission to the learner and the acquisition by him on specific skills, information, knowledge or other established data. The mode of instruction or teaching applied in achieving these objectives is referred to as technique /method. Methodology therefore, refers to the processes and techniques a teacher of either secondary or primary education uses to transmit facts, skills, information and knowledge to the learners so as to facilitate the accomplishment of the set objectives.

Research evidence shows that the major problem in the primary and junior secondary schools is the method of imparting knowledge. To this, Adepoju (2006) citing Kernest and Levin (2009), revealed the difficulties students of some ages students encountered when they are instructed using verbal approach. This is also confirmed as the study carried out in Nigeria by Busari (2009) revealed that the techniques presently employed in teaching, in most of our public secondary schools is inadequate or not effective. It is of a necessity that a skillful teacher needs to be conversant with various teaching strategies which may be applied to subjects at different class situations.

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Adufe (2008) affirms that many techniques of teaching exist in education and these methods are meant to make teacher succeed in their bid to disseminate knowledge. However, the success in the use of any method differs as a result of an intelligent analysis of the objectives, the students in class, the curriculum content or the type of subject matter. Also, the impact of any teaching techniques is not only limited to the conditions surrounding the teaching but also the advantages and the disadvantages of a particular method in a particular situation should not be left out.

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Every profession has a technique or set of techniques it employs to disseminate its intent to the learners waiting to enter the profession. Any discussion on teaching methodologies must take cognizance of the whole teaching process. In an effort to transmit knowledge to learners, a teacher adopts or employs some strategies, techniques, means or measures and methods. This means or measures adopted by a teacher to transfer knowledge to learners is known as ‘techniques’. A technique/ method then is defined as the overall strategies, processes, means and techniques employed by a teacher to enable him achieve his objectives.

Given the over-abundance of supply of methods, teachers are still faced with the problems of choice. We make choice simply because we cannot use one techniques in virtually all situations. Many methods of teaching exist in education. All these strategies are meant to make teacher succeed in their bid to disseminate knowledge. The Impact of Teachers Teaching Methods on the Academic Performance of Primary School.

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