The Impact of Teachers Teaching Method on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students


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1.1       Background to the Study

The word method is derived from a Greek expression “metahodos” which means a way (Esu and Inyang-Abia 2011). Therefore teaching method is a way of doing the business, the procedure, orderliness in planning and execution of teaching proper with the appropriate integration of instructional materials to achieve the objective at classroom level and beyond the classroom level (Stollberg, F. 2006). While Esu and Inyang-Abia (2004) defined teaching method as a systematic and clearly defined way of accomplishing a task.

Eddie (2001) holds that for the objective of learning to be achieved, the teacher must adopt certain methods which will make the lesson to be effective. As a method it is  a  supporting  device which a  teacher uses to emphasize his  ideas through  communication and manipulation of  other resources. Selection of appropriate methods and strategies for an instruction depends on the types of lesson, whether practical or theoretical, the competence of the teacher to handle the methods and the nature of instruction itself. Therefore, appropriate application of teaching methods determines the effective realization of teaching objectives.

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The Impact of Teachers Teaching Method on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students

Essentially, the goal of all teachers is to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. Effectiveness in teaching will be an illusion if appropriate methods and strategies are not adopted by the teachers. Therefore,any teaching–learning encounter is often geared at changing the behaviour of the learners through the selection of appropriate instructional approaches, methods and techniques, here the role of the teacher goes beyond a person talking and writing on the chalkboard but an organizer and planner, less preoccupied with what he will teach but more concerned with how he will teach what he has to teach to the learners (Ekanem, 2006).

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At this point, the question he will ask himself is “how can I bring about the mass efficient and effective learning in a given situation?”  “How can I ensure full understanding of instruction by the pupils in order to improve their academic performance?” As an educational planner and monitor of the total teaching-learning process, the teacher makes decision about each learner based on his learning history and know ways of presenting content which seem best suited to his individual attitude, interest and background. Thus, the end product of this activity is change in the behaviour of the learners and improvement in the level of their academic achievement.

To be able to achieve the desire goals of education, due consideration must therefore be given to the extent to which the method of teaching mathematics in our school is subject is align with the group of pupils/students to which the subject is taught. The question is what is the methods use by teachers in teaching, in order to achieve the aim of education?

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