Teachers Motivation and Academic Performance of Students


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  1. Background to the Study

Education has been recognized as the fundamental basis on which any nation could function effectively. Its socio-political and economic viability depends solely on the qualitative education giving to her citizens. Any nation that wants to be recognized as a developed country must build its human resources firmly. Hence a country is said to be technologically developed if majority of her populace are well educated. Therefore, those that impart the needed knowledge or those that mould characters must be motivated adequately because motivation is the key for effective performance and improvement.

Teachers Motivation and Academic Performance of Students

Aside, it is believed that a motivated teacher always complete the task set for him even when such task or assignments are difficult or seen uninteresting. However, the pertinent question that may rise is: What is motivation? Motivation comes from Latin words “movers” which means to move. So, motivation can mean the process of arousing the interest of individual to take a move towards a certain goal. Harzberg (2006) defines motivation as all those phenomena which are involved in the stimulation of actions towards a particular objectives where previously, there was little or no movement towards those goals.

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Mccelland (2006) stated that ‘motivation is the process involved in arousing, directing and sustaining behaviour’. He went on to say that motivation is used to an individual. Based on the above, motivation is a force that makes ones to do what he is aroused to do, constantly influencing the vigour direction of his actions towards the achievement of certain goals.

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Therefore, teachers need to be effectively motivated since motivating teachers would encourage teachers commitment to the teaching profession hereby upgrading the performance of students. As a follow up to the above, the effectiveness of a teacher lies on the degree of how such a teacher is motivated. Hence, this study was conducted to examine how teachers’ motivation can influence the academic performance of students.

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