Teacher’s Characteristic and Effective Teaching of Biology


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1.1       Background of the Study

Teaching evaluation is a necessary process in any educational setting. There are a number of tools or instruments available that are used to assess the level of effectiveness of instructors. These tools or instruments can be categorized into three major areas: student’s ratings, peer reviews, and self-evaluations (Berk, 2005). The most often used measurement has been the student rating of instruction or student evaluations as it is more commonly known. Students rating of instruction has been a highly debated subject, but it is generally believed that students evaluations are reliable and often one of the best methods for obtaining measurements of the quality of classroom instruction.

Teacher’s Characteristic and Effective Teaching of Biology

Thus, it is not surprising that, for the past three decades student evaluation typically involving a rating scale that addresses various dimensions of the instructional process and presentation style has been the primary strategy used  for measuring the effectiveness of teaching that occurs in classroom-based courses (Seldin, 1999).

Furthermore, the educational literature describes desirable and undesirable teacher attributes that affect classroom teaching (Kane, Sandretto & Health, 2004). These attributes include personality traits, instructional organization and the instructor’s ability to make the subject useful. Studies of both faculty members and student’s perceptions of effective teachers and effective teaching yielded characteristics that included the following: caring, encouraging approachable, passionate and having a sense of humor (Schaeffer et al, 2003). A teacher, who develops a clearly defined, well- organized topic, is typically considered to be helpful in the learning process (Salles & Bigonha, 2001).

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Teacher’s Characteristic and Effective Teaching of Biology

An energetic instructor, who can simplify complex topics, while appearing completely in control of the class, is perceived to be more effective than instructors who do not exhibit these characteristics (Salles & Bigonha, 2001). Therefore, this book seeks to investigate the influence of Teacher’s Characteristics and effective teaching of Biology.

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