School Location and Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Secondary Schools



1.1       Background to the Study

The relevance of teacher’s job satisfaction or motivation are very crucial to long-term growth of any educational system around the world. They probably rank long-side with professional knowledge, skill, center competences, educational resources and strategies as the variable determinants of educational success and performance. Muthayya (1999) job satisfaction is the contribution of two words, job and satisfaction, jobs is an occupational activities performed by an individual in return for the word.

Job satisfaction portrays the perception of the person towards his or her job, selected activities and environment. It is a combination of psychological and emotional experiences at work. Satisfaction refers to inner containment or happiness for the person engaged in any job. According to Zapt (2001), job satisfaction shows the relationship between “what one expects” and what one achieves, no task can effectively be accomplished unless a person derives enough of satisfaction out of it because work plays an important role in the life of a man.

Chan (2010) one of the most important purposes to do a job is to earn money because it is money only through which needs, demands can be fulfilled. If one gets a handsome salary by which one can afford the living may cause job satisfaction but if the salary cannot bear one’s expectations then one cannot be satisfied with the salary.

John (2010) opined that pay as one of the most important factors influencing one’s level of job satisfaction. Sometimes, it has also been found that other job related factors are not satisfaction but pay is good, in these kind of situations employees are willing to serve the organization just because of good pay, which does not suit the profession of a teacher. Thus, job satisfaction may be a resultant feeling of satisfaction which the employee achieves by gaining from the job what he expects from it to satisfy his needs. It may be a function of need straight or expectation and potentiality of the job to provide for the fulfillment of needs.

According to Mehto (2012) job satisfaction is the attitude of an employee which results from specific factors related with job such as wages, supervision, and steadiness of employment, conditions of work, opportunities for advancement, recognition of ability, fair evaluation of the job, prompt with grievances, fair treatment by employer and other similar items. Job satisfaction is positive attitude towards one’s job (National Policy on Education (NPE, 2004).

Job satisfaction is job involvement which has to do with the occupational level of individual (teacher) because the practices of teachers are a very vital function in the educational development of any nation and society.  Teachers are seen as a group of key and vital body of professionals for a nation’s development. School administrators, despite the title are teachers; they work in a condition that their job satisfaction matters a lot. People vary in their needs in the work place. The extent to which the school administrators are satisfied with their job is a potential indicator of their commitment to their responsibilities, management effectiveness and motivation.

If there is a poor relationship between and among persons, environment and job characteristics, there may be problems with their behaviour at work. This alone interest the researcher to design and investigate the extent to which school location and teachers’ job satisfaction could relate to academic performance of students among junior secondary schools.

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