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Relia Usage and Academic Performance of Students in Biology

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 1.1       Background to the Study

Societies all over the world have use education as an instrument for the administration of National interest and conservative. Education is an instrument per excellence for effective national development, it foster the worth and development of the individual and the general development of the society (National Policy on Education 2004). All these call for functional education. For the promotion of a programme needs to be relevant, practical and comprehensive while interest and ability should determined the individual direction.

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Real objects which are educational inputs are of vital importance to the teaching of any subject in the school curriculum. Wales (2007) was of the opinion that the use of real objects during teaching will make the students to discover some facts glued firmly to the memory of students. Savoury (2005) also added that, a well planned and imaginative use of real objects in lesson would do much to banish apathy, supplement inadequately of books as well as arouse students interest by given the students something practical to see and do, and at the same time encourage them to store those items seen in their memory.

Relia Usage and Academic Performance of Students in Biology

Selection and use of Relia that related to the basic contents of a course or a lesson, helps in-depth understanding of such a lesson by the students in that they make the lesson attractive to students and arrest their attention and thus, motivate them to learn effectively. In addition, Savoury (2009) maintain that using relia in class interaction will limit an imagination and stimulates the mind which will interned encourage creativity by involving the sense. Relia saves time as recognition of objects is immediate and so cuts out the need for lengthily explanations and drawing funny picture on the board.

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Udoh (2009) agreed that using Relia in schools by teacher makes learning to become real, he also added that the utilization of relia during the teaching and learning of biology encourage practical education and discourage rote learning. Real objects make education to be more equal and practical to all learners.

Relia Usage and Academic Performance of Students in Biology

According to Sunday, (2007) relia are objects from natural source which help in the teaching and learning of Biology. It is very relevant in learning of science subject like biology, because the use of relia makes students to have interest in the learning of biology.  Relia eliminate distortion in students’ knowledge on the topics being taught. He identifies the relevant of relia in the teaching and learning of Biology to include:

(1)        Relia makes learning to become real and immediate.

(2)        The utilization of relia emphasizes understanding and practical education and discourages rote learning.

(3)        Relia have power to increase rate of learning and at the same time allow teacher to use more time on other gainful activity.

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