Realia Resources Utilization And Teaching Of Genetics In Secondary Schools

Realia Resources Utilization And Teaching Of Genetics In Secondary Schools

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 1.1       Background to the Study

The Bedrock on which modern day technological breakthrough anchors on is science. Different authors according to their own understanding have defined science. Igule (2003) defined science as a systematic study of the nature of the behaviour of the material and physical universe through observation, experimentation, measurement and recoding in addition,

Esu (2004) defined science as a systematic, precise, objective way to study the natural world. Science is often an existing and satisfying enterprise that requires creativity, skill and insight based on this Fape (2007) defined science as rationally structured knowledge about nature, which embraces systematic methods of positive attitudes for its acquisition, teaching, learning and application. The major goal of science education is to develop scenically literate individuals that are concerned with high competence for rational thoughts and actions. The objectives of science education in this country according to Maduekwe (2006) include the need to prepare students to observe and explore the environment, explain simple natural phenomenal, develop scientific attitudes including curiosity, critical reflection and objectivity, apply the skills and knowledge gained through science to solve everyday problems in the environment, develop self- confidence and self-reliance through problem solving activities in science.

Realia Resources Utilization And Teaching Of Genetics In Secondary Schools

Biology is one of the science subjects that senior secondary school students offer at the senior levels in the Nigerian secondary schools (Esu, 2004). Today, Biology pervades literally every field of human endeavaur, and plays a fundamental role in educational advancement. This is seen in all the technological advancement in the world today, which is because of scientific investigations.

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However, the issue remains that in most secondary schools in Nigeria, there is high rate of failure in the subject. Studies have shown that secondary school students are exploiting low interest in Biology (Esiobu, 2005). This low interest of students in biology has been traced to poor achievement in examinations. Unfortunately, achievement of students in biology at the end of the secondary school has not improved in the last decade (Obangal 2005). Folorunso (2004) has linked poor achievement trend in biology particularly to the lack of instructional resources in schools due to poor funding of schools. The poor funding of schools has hindered the principals from providing the teachers with adequate instructional resources.

Realia Resources Utilization And Teaching Of Genetics In Secondary Schools

Genetics is the study of heredity and variation in living organisms. It which is a field of biology and biology is one of the core subjects in secondary schools in Nigeria. Hence, an encouragement to learn biology especially at the senior secondary schools level is of paramount importance. Practical works constitute an integral part of biology. Ndu (2014), states that practical work help the students to learn various skill and gives student a series of achievement when they themselves make discoveries and anile at scientific conclusion through their own experiments.

Realia Resources utilization is inevitable in teaching of practical skill in Biology. It makes teaching and learning more meaningful and real.  Ige (2010), defined instructional resources as modern science equipment, library, printed materials, project media, real and stimulated aids, visual and audio visual aids, science resources and school environment.

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Realia Resources Utilization And Teaching Of Genetics In Secondary Schools

Wugep and Angbo (2010), review that Realia resources include both human activities and materials. Without human resources, teaching and learning of practical skills in biology will not take place effectively on the other hand, human resources will not alone communicate learning.

The studies by Isola (2011) has shown that lack of adequate supply of science equipment, improper management and utilization of available equipment in teaching is what leads to low achievement in science.

Soyibo (2006) in his own view states that the poor performance of biology students in schools was attributed to proper utilization of the laboratory equipment by the teachers. The problem of this study is therefore to find out the state of Realia Resources and the utilization in teaching and learning of Genetics in secondary schools.

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