Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Learning Effectiveness among Students


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1.1       Background to the study

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has become one of the basic building blocks of modern society as many schools now consider understanding this technology very important alongside reading, writing and numeric. It is also an indispensable aspect of human concept which transformed one from manual way of life to a more sophisticated, advanced and science oriented knowledge applied in our daily undertakings for fast and effective learning (Okorie, 2012). The author further remarked that the use of computer technology in schools today for effective teaching and learning is one of the most far- reaching and fast growing development in education.

However, there is no doubt that information communication ; technology has become incorporated into our school systems. Computer, internet, telephone, projector, broadcasting technological tools like television and radio among others are used not only as a means of helping schools analyze data but as pervasive tools for effective learning. According to Kalu (2003) the application and use of information Communication and Technology in Secondary schools can help to improve the quality of teaching and learning. The unique role of information communication and technology in improving the quality of education is unquestionable given the fact that it can motivate students to learn as they become independent and responsible for their learning. In addition, many schools have incorporated interactive-computer assisted instruction into their program to provide students opportunities to master specific educational objectives or standards.

Computer programmers have been able to create computer assisted instruction programs to increase student’s learning by effecting cognitive processes and increase motivation. Equally, the use of information communication and technology (ICT) in the teaching and learning is becoming wider in scope nowadays. It has become a tool to reshape knowledge delivery and enhance both teachers and students activities in the classroom. Studies by Okworo (2009) have shown that majority of students in our secondary schools lack basic information communication technology (ICT) skills. It has been found that  computer and other ICT devices are grossly inadequate in schools for the effective application of information communication and technology (ICT) to the teaching and learning process. There is no gain say in the fact that if the available ones are effectively utilized by both the learners and the teachers  it will not only enhance individualized instruction but will go a long way in improving the teaching and learning process. It is therefore hoped that the assessment of the impact posed by information communication and technology (ICT) facilities on learning effectiveness among students will contribute significantly in this respect.

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1.2       Statement of the Problem

For sometimes now, the teaching and learning of Economics in schools have increasingly become more challenging as a result of adequate teaching – learning facilities. However, many educators and stakeholders in the education sector have viewed with serious concern the performance of students in Economics in both internal and external examinations, accordingly, researchers and scholars have investigated factors responsible for ineffective teaching and learning of Economics (Davies et al 2008). Among the factors identified were; lack of teachers, in conductive learning environment, lack of libraries and students’ attitude to studies. To ameliorate these problems, Government and some educational agencies have made concerted efforts to improve on the learning of the subject. This has been in the areas of recruitment of qualified and competent teachers to teach Economics, construction of dilapidated classrooms to make environment conductive for teaching and learning as well as equipping of libraries in schools to facilitate learning. All these efforts notwithstanding the performance of students in the subject is still on the decline.

However, available data have shown that little or no research has been conducted along the line of information communication and technology (ICT) in relation to learning effectiveness. There is no doubt therefore that apart from the aforementioned factors, the use of information communication and technology (ICT) could exert significant influence on learning effectiveness among students thereby resulting into effective learning and good performance in the subject. It is as a result of the above reasons that the researcher is inspired to conduct a study on information communication and technology (ICT) and learning effectiveness among students of Economics.

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