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Influence Of Socioeconomic Status On Academic Performance


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1.1     Background to the Study

The responsibility of training a child always lies in the hands of the parents. It is out of place to imagine that parental socio- economic background can have possible effects on the academic performance of children in school. Whatsoever affects the environment of the children would possibly affect their education or disposition to it. Parental socio-economic background is one of such variables. Parental socio-economic characteristics to a greater extent determine students’ performance in Schools and in their adjustment to life.

Influence Of Socioeconomic Status On Academic Performance

The poor performance of students’ in examinations especially agricultural science in school in recent times could be attributed to the changing life pattern in some families coupled with the present economic hardship which has made most families unable to meet up with their responsibilities of ensuring a healthy and literate family. The size of the family in which a child grows affects his intellectual development; this is because, in a large size family, a child may not be given the required attention especially in his/her academics as the family will have more persons to carter for. The socio economic background of a family impacts negatively on the gross performance of the child. Family financial resources, which are associated with parents’ occupation and educational attainment, often imply an increase in learning opportunities both at home and in school.

Parents of different occupation classes often have different styles of childrearing, different ways of disciplining their children and different ways of reacting to their children. These differences do not express themselves consistently in the case of every family; rather they influence the average tendencies of families for different occupational classes. In previous local findings, there is a significant difference between the rates of deviant behavior among students from high and low socio economic background.

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Furthermore, the health status of the children which could also be traceable to parental socio economic background can also be another factor that can affect that can affect the academic performance is greatly hindered. This assertion is again hinged on the nature of parent socio economic background. Moreover, when a child gets proper nutrition, health care stimulation during preschool years, the abilities to interact with, take optimal advantage of the full complement of resources offered by any formal learning environment is enhanced.

Influence Of Socioeconomic Status On Academic Performance

Considering agricultural sciences many branches and vast applications in every field of human endeavor; its importance in a nation’s economic development cannot be emphasized. It, therefore, becomes very necessary that efforts are geared towards finding a lasting solution to students’ poor performance in the subject to this end, several factors have been identified by researchers as being responsible for the persistent poor performance recorded in Senior Secondary certificate examination. However, some of these include lack of teachers, lack of educational facilities like laboratories, overloaded syllabuses, laziness, poor attitude and lack of interest on the part of the students, poor teaching methods by the teachers, large class size/high teacher-student ratio and family background has influence on children’s performance in school, considering the fact that education starts from the home, not many empirical studies have been carried out in recent times to support this assertion.

Besides, much of the data available on this topic are theories and opinions of individuals. It is also not certain that such study has been carried out in agricultural science as these researchers could not lay their hands on any. Hence, there is need to carry out this study to obtain a piece of authentic and current information on how family socio-economic background influences students’ academic performances in agricultural science.

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Influence Of Socioeconomic Status On Academic Performance

1.2     Statement of the Problem

In Nigeria, education is taken as an instrument per excellent in affecting national development and it has a long-lasting impact on one’s life. The acquisition of knowledge and skills and all other things that are worthwhile which are transmitted to a person through formal and informal education determine his/her potential in the future. Societies all over the world strive to achieve quantitative education for her citizenry in order to achieve this noble course. So many factors must be put into consideration. Amongst them is the family socio-economic background of a child.

Therefore, the family has a great role to play on the overall development of the child and his educational upbringing in particular. Thus, the gap in performance between students and academic excellence constitutes a great source of worry and serious concern as well as discomfiture to parent, school manager, policy makers and various governments responsible for the education of the students in Secondary School.

Moreover, experience has shown that among the Secondary School students there exist some differences which influence students’ academic performance, such students’ abilities to pay their school fees promptly, ability to possess the required school uniforms and other learning materials like textbooks and exercise book, others do not, whereas some student comes to school properly fed, others were not. One then wonders whether the influence of family socio-economic background plays a role in the light of this, the main problem is to find out to what extent family socio- economic background affects students’ academic performance in secondary schools.

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Influence Of Socioeconomic Status On Academic Performance




1.1       Background of the Study

1.2      Statement of the Problem

1.3      Purpose or Objectives of the Study

1.4      Research Questions

1.5     Research Hypotheses

1.6      Significance of the Study

1.7       Delimitation or Scope of the Study

1.8       Operational Definition of Terms


2.1.    The concept of family socio economic background.

2.2.    Parental occupational background and students’ academic achievement

2.3.    Parental educational background and academic performance of students

2.4.    Summary of related literature.


3.21       Area of the Study

3.1       Research Design

3.3       Population of the Study

3.4       Sample and Sampling Technique

3.5       Instrument for Data Collection

3.6       Validation of Instrument

3.7       Reliability of the Instrument

3.8       Method of Data Collection

3.9       Method of Data Analysis


4.1       Data Analysis and Presentation

4.2       Discussion and Findings


5.1       Summary

5.3       Conclusion

5.5       Recommendations


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