Head Teacher’s Leadership Style And Teaching Effectiveness


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1.1  Background to the Study

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Head teachers play the most essential role in the school in all aspects ranging from the daily management of the school to fostering high standard as well as high quality educational practice. Head teacher prays a crucial role in school-wide effort to raise standard of teaching, student learning and achievement (Day, 2004). The role of the primary school Head teacher focuses on curriculum and instructional development, instructional supervision, teachers evaluation, research and experimentation, provision of resources and continuous development of teaching and learning Gwiyo, Njuguna, Waweru, Nyamweya, Nyamboa, and Gongera, 2014).

Head Teacher’s Leadership Style And Teaching Effectiveness

The leadership of the Head teacher in Primary school is known to be a key factor in teaching effectiveness. This will directly support student’s achievement. School leadership is the most important element in the success of the school (Dinham, 2005, Tounsend, 2007). The Head teacher is the overall responsibility over the operation of the school. He is accountable to the school performance.

According to Shuster (1973), the principal (Head Teacher) is the leader in the school, the pivot around which many aspects of the school revolves and the person in charge of every detail of the running of the school be it academic or administrative. This was asserted by Liphan (1994) when he state that, the head teacher is a leader, “a thinker and a decision maker” the Head teacher is responsible for the school’s climate, for the outcome of productivity and for the satisfaction attained by the pupils and teachers in the school culmination in teaching effectiveness. The level of productivity depends, to a large extent, on the attitudes of teachers towards work. This implies that the head teachers are responsible for the attitudes display by teachers at work. His is the one who empowers others, encourages creativity, and flexibility. He is also the one who promote collaborative planning and share decision-making in a effort to develop trust throughout the school setting and harness these qualities as a catalyst for successful school restructuring and reform.

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Head Teacher’s Leadership Style And Teaching Effectiveness

The importance of the role of the head teacher on the school organization cannot, therefore, be over looked. He is very unique in the school organization. The head teacher can be described as the school manager. The leadership for teachers and pupils, coordinating both human and material resources to ensure the achievement of organization goals, in a primary school system, the head teacher as an administrator influences his teachers to inculcate a positive attitude to work and thereby facilitating teaching effectiveness and the achievement of the goals and objectives of the school. This can only be achieved through adopting appropriate leadership style.

Leadership style of the head teacher plays an important role in effective school administration. According to Mukeredzi and Chireshe (2005), leadership styles have a bearing on the achievement of the goals of the school. Leadership style can roughly be referred to as the behavior of a leader in which he/she influences the followers camp bell (1990) observed that, what a leader choose to do when he/she does it, and the manner in which he/she acts constitute his/her leadership style. It is significantly important to note that the head teacher behavior influences teachers’ engagement with students which results in a measured impact on students performance. This means that the effective performance of a teacher which lead to teaching effectiveness is a function of both his personal characteristics and the individual environment created through the leadership style of the head teacher.

A careful consideration of knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes and motivation of teachers is necessary to promote productivity and efficiency in teaching. Consideration in this context is regard for comfort, well-being, status and contribution of teachers.

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Head Teacher’s Leadership Style And Teaching Effectiveness

It is the leadership behavior that is indicative of friendship, mutual trust, respect and warmth to his/her teachers. It is generally recognized that the effective head teacher provide direction to the school while at the same time support the effort of teachers (Liphan, (1964). As pointed out by Duignan (2006), it is only with a shift in the focus from a managerial style of school leadership to a teacher focused style of leadership that school improvement will increase and pupils achievement will rise. This will boost teachers’ attitude to work with the treads, it become obvious that effective leadership style is necessary in order to enhance better quality of instruction in the school as an organization.

The attainment of educational goals depends so much on the devotion of the teachers, which on the other hand is a direct result from the satisfaction they derived from the head teacher leadership style. It then means that the head teacher must operate the school with suitable leadership style. It is therefore pertinent that head teacher administers the school system with appropriate and effective leadership style that would help to enhance teaching effectiveness in primary schools. It is against this background that the researcher seeks to examine whether there is a relationship between head teacher’s leadership styles and teaching effectiveness in primary schools in Abak Local Government Area.

Head Teacher’s Leadership Style And Teaching Effectiveness

1.2  Statement of the Problem

The poor academic performance of pupils in primary schools has been alarming and a source of great concern to all stakeholders in the educational sector. It is heart-rending when one considers the huge amount of money parents spend in the education of their children who do not produce commensurate performance in their academics to match the huge investment made on them.

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It is generally perceived that the head teacher leadership style is one of the major factors in the decline in teaching effectiveness. This is seen in teachers poor attitude to teaching, lateness to school and a high rate of irregularity. Teaching effectiveness is therefore predicted on the effectiveness of the head teacher leadership style. Therefore the problem of this study is whether there is a relationship between head teacher leadership style and teaching effectiveness in primary schools. 


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