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1.1       Background to the study

Biology is a natural science which is concerned with the study of living things and concerns itself with the study of the structure, behaviour, distribution, the organs of plants and animals and their relationship with their environment. Abugo (2007) stated that biology is a natural science in which we study living organism- plants and animals. Biology as one of the science subjects in all field of studies develops human thinking faculty as it built on skills, knowledge and experiences and this has made it the most commonly offered science subject of all science subjects which has prepared learners in science field such as; medicine, nursing, pharmacy and food technology.

Environmental Resources Utilization And Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students

The teaching of Biology has been very important that in West African Council in their syllabus (1998-2003) came up with some aims and objectives in teaching Biology in secondary schools which are; to understand the structure and function of living organisms as well as to appreciate nature, to acquire adequate laboratory and field skills in order to carry out and evaluate experiments, to acquire necessary scientific skills for example; observations, classification and interpretation of biology data. To impart relevant knowledge in biology needed for the future advanced studies in biology, to be able to apply biology principles in every day in matters affecting personal, social, environment, community health and economic problems.

Environmental Resources Utilization And Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students

However it is of great importance in order to achieve the above objectives that there should be effective teaching and learning resources which is to provide better learning and teaching experience, which will facilitate interaction among students and teachers during learning and teaching process. The successful implementation of resources such as audio-visuals influences and promotes opportunities for students and teachers to explore ideas and develop knowledge and skills, creativity and logical thinking. Exploring nature with the help of audio-visuals completes a sensory experience and early experiences with the natural world which is positively linked with development of students’ imaginations and their sense of curiosity that serves as a vital motivator for life-long learning Faridullah (2011).

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Environmental Resources Utilization And Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students

Moreover, students interpret instructional activities in terms of what they already know; they actively seek to relate new concepts, attitudes or skills on their prior set of concepts, attitudes or skills. Therefore, for better outcome of teaching/learning processes, two components should be considered which are input and outputs. Inputs consist of human and material resources while outputs are goals realization of the teaching learning process. These human and material resources which are termed instructional resources are important to the teaching of biology in the school curriculum. This resource arouses students’ interest and at the same time helps train learners to think things out themselves, in-depth understanding of such a lesson and makes learning interactive thereby motivating them to learn. Therefore, this research shall attempt to find out environmental resources utilization and students academic performance in biology.

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