Demonstration Technique and Students Academic Achievement in Agricultural Science



1.1       Background to the Study

Teaching is an activity driven exercise. It involves the passage or transfer of knowledge or ideas by the teacher to the learner. Teaching and learning do not happen by chance, it takes processes, methods and strategies. As the teacher sets out to implement the curriculum contents at the classroom level, he uses a number of methods and techniques that will facilitate the learners’ understanding of the concept taught. It is however, incontestable that realization of the objectives of teaching any concept or subject matter to a learner or group of learners will be illusion if the teacher fails to use appropriate methods and techniques. Therefore the role of teachers’ teaching technique in the teaching-learning process cannot be over- emphasized.

Demonstration Technique and Students Academic Achievement in Agricultural Science

The availability of qualified teacher in schools does not only guarantee the success of teaching and learning, but also the methods and techniques adopted by the teachers in imparting knowledge to the learners and their application (Dyer, 2009). In preparing for lessons, a teacher should not be only concerned about what to teach but also how to teach what he has to teach in manner that will guarantee proper understanding among the learners. Students’ negative attitude towards some schools subjects might not be unconnected with the teacher’s method of instruction. Not fully appreciated by most teachers is the importance of teaching methods in the teaching-learning process.  Although there are teachers with good mastery of subject matter, the learners ability to comprehend the knowledge imparted by the teacher depends on a large extent on the instructional technique adopted by the teacher.

Foster (2008) maintained that several methods of instruction have been employed by teachers to facilitate students’ understanding of instruction for not much success have been recorded due to their wrong application by teachers. Tawari (2010) observed that the use of teaching methods that encourage students’ centred activities are conspicuously lacking among teachers. Hence, for effective teaching to take place, the teacher should stimulate, encourage and maintain active participation of the learners based on the selection of appropriate teaching technique. This will ensure a perfect balance between what is taught and how it is taught.

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