Community Resources and Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools


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  1. Background to the Study

Mathematics is used in our everyday life. This is to say that mathematics is a process of educating using numbers or the science of numbers, letters and shapes. Orok (2016) sees “functional mathematics education as that learning in mathematics that allows the learner to realize and understand themselves during and after formal school setting, thus helping them to cope with daily living. The author went further to define mathematics which in this case is self reliance, self realization, patriotism and productivity on the part of the learners p (69).

A community resource is anything that has the potential to improve the quality of life in a community. It is believed that all communities have educational assets and resources that educators can use to enhance learning experiences for students. Most educational institutions cannot afford to depend on imported materials. Hence, there is need for teachers and their students to improvise teaching and learning materials. This is done by engaging students and by providing models related to the current area of study in mathematics. This can enhance effective teaching and learning of mathematics as well as the teaching effectiveness of teachers.

Community resources from the immediate environment used by the teachers in the teaching/learning process have strong impression on the minds of students. Its effect on the students helps to bring the gap between reality and abstract.

According to Ogunbi (2011), when teaching resources are form the immediate environment and used effectively, it makes learning more interesting and lively. It also retains interests of the learners during the delivery of mathematics lessons in the classroom”.

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Okunronfia (2007) “identifies some example of the teaching aids or resources to include visual aids, audio aids, audio-visual aids real object and many others. The visual aids are designed materials that may be locally made or commercially produced. They come in form of wall charts, illustrated pictures, pectorals materials, puppets and models. Audio –visual aids are teaching machines like television and all sorts of projectors with sound attributes”.

Community resources are to enhance learning and academic success by providing activities and program for students. Using resource persons from the community to share their skills and knowledge is also a form of community resource utilization. According to Ajelabi (2000) as cited in Alasela (2013) community resource are human and non-human resource outside the classroom adapted for the purpose of making observation and obtaining some specific information.

Alasela (2013) stated that instructional materials can ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in teaching and learning process. Efficiency entails how judicious the instructional materials are utilized to obtain optimum achievement of instructional goals and objectives. The poor performances of students can be worked on with the use of community resources in the teaching of mathematics.

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Moreover, students interpret instructional activities in terms of what they already know; they actively seek to relate new concepts attitudes and skills. Therefore, for better outcome of teaching learning process, two components should be considered which are inputs and outputs. Inputs consist human and materials resource while outputs are goals, realization of the teaching learning process. These human and material resources which are termed instructional resources or community resource are important to the teaching of mathematics in the school curriculum.

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Nigeria Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC, 2011) as cited in Alasela (2013), noted that the use of real life experience through an industrial visit (community resources) is the best way to facilitate the teaching of mathematics. This resource are use students’ interest and at the same come help to train learners to think out themselves in deep understanding of a lesson thus making learning interactive. Therefore this study was to find out community resources and the teaching of mathematics in secondary schools. Community Resources and Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools

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