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1.1       Background to the study

Classroom management techniques is one of the most important aspects of a teachers daily responsibilities. It is also one of the areas in which teacher’s are giving the most freedom to choose teaching techniques that will enhance learning. According to Okwori et al (2015) classroom management techniques include permissive authoritative and democratic techniques. Applying any of these management techniques depend on the situation the teacher finds himself.

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Classroom Management Techniques And Academic Performance

Moreover, classroom management technique according to Dylkuk (2005), includes bureaucratic management technique, autocratic management technique, democratic management technique and laissez-faire management technique. Autocratic management technique is the type that the manager (teacher) is self-centered. He is after the outcome, the teacher believes in himself mostly, decisions are made exclusively by the teacher, he dictates what should be done while the students follow without complaint. There are no consultations before taking decision concerning students. Okwori et al (2015) also asserted that one can only tell that classroom management techniques are effective, if it is applied in a classroom situation and proven to be effective.

Classroom Management Techniques And Academic Performance

Furthermore, some teachers set their own rules for the students to follow but it is good if the students are involved in making the rules and agreed upon by everybody in the class, everyone will feel guilty of his own action if he contravenes the rules. There must be consequences for breaking the rules which should also be agreed upon by the class. Democratic management technique is class centered; it respects students’ opinion within the classroom.

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It is against this background that the researcher investigated the extent classroom management techniques affect academic performance among secondary school students.




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