Availability and Utilization of Computer-Based Resources and Biology Teaching in Secondary Schools



1.1   Background to the Study

Since the inception of formal classroom based introduction, a fundamental aspect of teaching Biology has been the kind of resources adopted, and the way the teacher arranged the classroom environment, so that student can interact and learn effectively. The ability of existing educational approaches is to impact knowledge, skills and appropriate values to the young learners. More so, in the teaching and learning of Biology in secondary schools, computer-based resources play a key role in promoting the intellectual and skills development of the students.

Availability and Utilization of Computer-Based Resources and Biology Teaching in Secondary Schools

However, many of the productivity gains in the developed world including Nigeria economics over the past two decades are attributable to the impact of I.C.Ts, especially computers. Information and communication technology have a direct role to play in teaching and learning of Biological concepts if appropriately used, can bring more benefit to the teachers and the students, as well as educational sector (Osodo, 2013). Considering the assertion of Mkpolo and Bednarz (2014),computer based resources provides the Biology students new opportunities for teaching and learning including offering opportunity for more students centered teaching, opportunity to reach more learners, greater opportunity for teacher to teachers and student to students communication and collaboration, greater  opportunities for multiple technologies delivered by teachers, creating motivation in learning amongst students and also offering access to wider range of courses.

According to Wabuyele (2015), computer has been identified as the most efficient stand alone technology, which is able to make teaching and learning of biology situation meaningful and fruitful than it has been before. Again, Arnong (2016) argue that many schools are facing escalating demand on access to finite computer resources; including computer suites and lack of access to computers at required time often discourage Biology teachers, as well as, the students from using computers. Nevertheless, Alexander and Geissinger (2014) pointed out that they are relatively few opportunities for continuing professional development in the use of computers in teaching of Biology. By the way the definition, computer, according to Wersh (2013), is a tool, a vehicle for combining motor skills, language, images and symbolic manipulation through practical activities.

Availability and Utilization of Computer-Based Resources and Biology Teaching in Secondary Schools

In recent times, according to Nwosu and Nzewi (2014), the facilities that are advocated for effective teaching and learning of Biology as a science subject include the use of computer-based strategy of learning. Udemeobong (2014) revealed that these strategies are activity and interactive oriented. Thus, it helps learners of Biology to develop appropriate skill, current information, for better understanding of scientific concepts in the classroom of learning. Similarly Nworgu and Dalal (2014), added that, the utilization of computer resources make the students to build their creative abilities, improve their self esteem and make them to be active participants in the classroom.

Atalonu (2015)supported that the availability and proper utilization of computer-base resource in teaching and learning of Biology in secondary schools will not only help the students to learn and retain information alone, but also have positive effect on students attitudes towards studying science subject. Karper (2012) and Jenk (2014) remarked that, education is one of the most important elements responsible for the development of the society. Therefore, its adaptation to the changes brought about by today’s information age is very significant.

Similarly, Jegede (2015), confirms that in order for this adaptation to be successful, it is also very important to introduce the teaching models based on the use of information system resources. More so, the instruction uses computer as an environment in which learning occurs, which enhance the learning period and students motivations, and can be useful for students because of their different learning speeds. Many science teachers, educators and researchers have proposed to employ computer-based instructions in Biology teaching. However, as pointed out by Handelsman and Basturk (2012), the availability and proper utilization of computer based resource in teaching and learning will promote participation among the teachers and the students as well as reduces the difficulties in the concept, thereby making the learning meaningful to the learners.

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