Audio-Visual Material Utilization And Students Academic Performance In Biology


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1.1 Background to the Study

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Biology has been identified as the bedrock of understanding life treating ailment and maintenance of ecosystem. Biology occupies a unique position in the school curriculum, it is also central to many science related courses such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing and so it obvious that no student intending to study this discipline can do without biology.

Audio-Visual Material Utilization And Students Academic Performance In Biology

However it has been discovered that secondary school student have misplaced biology in their choice of subject on    basis that biology is too wide for them to cope with, teachers have always been blame for student poor performance in biology but should not be blame alone, rather it should be looked at as a problem that has many contributory factors among which are teaching aids, students and government factors.

Teaching aids are used directly or indirectly for the benefit of education. When aids like audio visual are available and skillfully utilized, they influence learning and make it effective. Audio-visual in education are very vital because they aid teaching and makes it more meaningful.

Audio visual instructional material utilization is one of the instructional strategies or procedures which facilitate effective teaching and learning of biology in secondary schools.

Audio-Visual Material Utilization And Students Academic Performance In Biology

The term visual came into prominent in education during the first decade of the 20th century. Audio visual is a term which combines both sound and visual stimuli; later came into use. The eyes, ears and nerve ending are some of the means through which perception takes place.


Audio visual instructional material utilization is a useful tool that helps to stimulate our perception. It increases our hearing and seeing simultaneously and hence our cognitive skills.

With the advancement of modern technology in the world, it is more urgent to use modern instructional materials such as audio-visual materials to develop efficiency in the way students learn. There is a need to renovate our instructional material to make classroom teaching effective. Many of the transformation taking places are associated with much rapid flow of information greater capacity of its storage.

Audio-Visual Material Utilization And Students Academic Performance In Biology

Many researchers have debated whether education has improved throughout history with the use of multimedia. With the development of technology, teaching tools have been transforming from simple text to interactive media potentially enabling a more thorough approach to learning. Specifically, the addition and utilization of multimedia such as audio visual may be helpful in reducing the difficulty of converting text into practice because it offers an audio and visual demonstration of instruction.

The use of audio visual instructional material for the purpose of enhancing learning is beneficial   because it allows for an easier and broader variety of teaching styles with which information can be obtained. It promotes interactive learning as a result encourages greater enthusiasm towards education in both students and teachers (Pryor, 2008). In laboratory science the use of audio visual technology is particularly useful, as it enables the visualization of procedures and allows for deeper comprehension than obtained just through textual presentation (Okoro, 2008).

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Audio-Visual Material Utilization And Students Academic Performance In Biology

In the present situation, it is observed that with the traditional method of teaching students are only spoon-fed; they do not understand the subject clearly and generally feel that the course is vast and difficult. Secondly, individual differences in abilities, intelligence, interest and role of learning. Every student cannot grasp at the same rate (Bejaj, 2013).

The poor performance of student in science subjects has been attributed to poor instructional material utilization employed by teachers as well as role learning in the form of excessive talking, copying of note and note learning of textbook materials adopted by teachers (Ofili, 2012).The challenges of not having well-equipped laboratory for practical experience have also contributed to poor performance in biology.


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