N-Power Survey Form: Things you must consider


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It now going viral that N-Power is conducting a survey for the 2016 beneficiaries to collect information that will help them improve the N-Power Programme, and they have sent SMS message to all beneficiaries to participate in the survey.

However, there are some beneficiaries who may have not received the mass SMS sent out by N-Power and are confused of what to do and also others who have received the SMS and are skeptical of filling the form. If you fall under the category of these people, check the tips below:

i. The Survey SMS sent out to N-Power beneficiaries is authentic from N-Power and not a scam as others may try to portray.

ii. The N-Power phone number requested while filling the survey form is the number used during your N-Power application process or rather the number you use to login to your NPVN profile.

iii .The Form is expected to be filled and submitted on or before 25th July 2019.

iv. You can use your smartphone or computer to fill the survey form.

v. Fill the form carefully and make sure you do not lie on your achievements during the course of your service because it may probably affect you in other ways.

vi. Every part of the survey form with red asterisk * is compulsory to be filled.

N-Power Survey Form: Things you must consider

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