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Entrepreneurship education is the training of individuals to understand and develop key entrepreneurial attributes, skills and behaviours. Entrepreneurial skills such as creativity, innovativeness, quick decision-making and risk taking are not only relevant to those who have interest in starting and growing their own business, but are relevant to all as these skills are necessary in the workplace, in their daily activities, in managing the home and to the society at large. As the saying goes that learning never ends, so should entrepreneurship education never end; successful entrepreneurs continue throughout the lifetime of their business/ investments. This study was designed to discuss entrepreneurship education and educational administration/management for sustainable national development. The concept of education, concept of entrepreneur, concept of entrepreneurship education, concept of educational administration/ management and concept of national development were examined. Entrepreneurship education and educational administration/management were discussed. Challenges of entrepreneurship education and the roles of entrepreneurship education in economic/ national development were highlighted. It was recommended among others that, Entrepreneurship behaviours can be developed, practiced and learned, therefore, it is imperative to expose all students to entrepreneurial education. The government should give adequate attention to entrepreneurial development in the country through the provision of good economic environment to encourage individual participation in business while this is guaranteed; entrepreneurship will thrive and consequently sustain economy.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Educational Administration/Management and National Development

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