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The Influence Of Home Economics To Hotel Operations

The hospitality industry’s history can be traced back by the end of the 1700s in the Colonial Period. This industry has been the subject of important development over the years as it has faced many obstacles such as the World Wars, the great depression, the industrial revolution, and other social changes. However, the hotel industry as seen today in its modern concept took place in the 1950s and 60s.

The idea of renting accommodation to visitors appeared since ancient times, and the modern concept of a hotel as we know started 1794 when the City Hotel opened in New York City; the City Hotel was claimed to be the first building designed exclusively to hotel operations. Other similar hotel operations follow the trend and appeared in other cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Boston in 1809. 

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According to the British laws, a hotel is a place where a “bonafide” traveler can receive food and shelter provided he is in a position to for it and is in a fit condition to receive. Hotels have a very long history, but not as we know today, way back in the 6th century BC when the first inn in and around the city of London began to develop. The first catered to travelers and provided them with a mere roof to stay under. This condition of the inns prevailed for a long time, until the industrial revolution in England, which brought about new ideas and progress in the business at innkeeping.

The invention of the steam engine made traveling even more prominent. Which had to more and more people traveling not only for business but also for leisure reasons. This lead to the actual development of the hotel industry as we know it today. The hotel today not only cater to the basic needs of the guest like food and shelter provide much more than that, like personalized services etc. Hotels today are a “Home away from home”.

The hotel industry is any types or forms of business which relates to providing accommodations in lodging, food and beverage and a vast variety of services that are interrelated and organised which are intended for public service.

Hotels offer an enormous range of guests’ services such as banqueting, conference and fitness, sport and facilities, beauty spas, bars, sophisticated restaurant, and others. The hotel sector consists of more than 15% of all the people who worked in the hospitality sector. Hotels fall into a number of different categories which includes the glamorous five-star resort international luxury chains, trendy boutiques, country house, conference, leisure or guesthouses. This very dynamic sector offers good quality accommodation, great variety of food and beverage, together with other services for all types of customers. The hotel sector is always striving to offer excellent customer service throughout its operations

According to the British low “A hotel is a place where a bonafide traveler can get food and accommodation where he is in a position to pay for it and he is in a fit condition to be received.

The influence of Home Economics to Hotel Operations

  • Home Economics skills help to understand and appreciate the nature and properties of food and the cultural, social and economic influences on the evolution of nutritional science, food science and technology and food product development in hotel operations.
  • Helps to investigate the cultural, physical, chemical, nutritional, biological and sensory characteristics of food, and how these properties are exploited in designing and producing food products to meet specified criteria
  • Understand and apply scientific principles behind food preparation and the food production process in different settings to solve problems creatively
  • Develop capability, values, and attitudes to make informed decisions that foster a healthy lifestyle and contribute positively to the social and economic future of a society.
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