Importance of Curriculum in Teacher Education

Importance of curriculum in teacher education: A curriculum guides the instructional lessons that teachers use. A curriculum defines what the learner will learn and can possibly guide when the learner learns the information from the lesson.

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A curriculum offers teachers the ideas and strategies for assessing student progress. A student must meet certain academic requirements in order to go to the next level. Without the guidance of a curriculum, teachers cannot be certain that they have supplied the necessary knowledge or the opportunity for student success at the next level, whether that the levels involve a high school, college or career.

Curriculum can help students to achieve some personal control over their learning, to plan their semester, and to manage their time effectively, and describes Active Learning. Students often conceive of learning as the acquisition of correct information, but they may not know what it means to take an active role in the process, beyond rote memorization and recall, students should be given some idea about what they should already know and what skills they should already have before taking course so they can realistically asses their readiness, sets the course in a broader context for Learning and describes available learning resources. Importance of Curriculum in Teacher Education.

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