Functions Of Measurement And Evaluation

The functions of measurement and evaluation are as follows:

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  1. It measures a student’s achievement.  Students’ achievement can be determined whether he has reached the goals of the learning tasks or not through measurement and evaluation.
  2.  It evaluates instruction.  The effectiveness or ineffectiveness of instruction is ascertained through measurement and evaluation.
  3. It motivates learning. Upon knowing the results of the achievement test, the student’s interest is aroused especially if he gets a high score; otherwise, if his score is low, he strives hard to get a higher score in the next examinations.
  4. It predicts success. Success and failure of the student are predicted through measurement and evaluation.  For instance, a student who always gets high scores in all his subjects may mean that he is sure to pass and passing means success.
  5. It diagnosis the nature of difficulties. The weaknesses of the learner can be identified through measurement and evaluation particularly, diagnostic test.

Therefore, measurement and evaluation, in general, evaluate educational goals and purposes, determines the extent to which accepted educational objectives are implemented and enable teachers to know his/her pupils better.


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