Factors For Citing An Industrial Layout

The following factors are considered when citing an industrial layout:

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a) Factory building: The nature and size of the building determine the floor space available for layout. While designing the special requirements, e.g. air conditioning, dust control, humidity control etc. must be kept in mind.

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b) Nature of product: product layout is suitable for uniform products whereas process layout is more appropriate for custom-made products.

c) Production process: In assembly line industries, product layout is better. In job order or intermittent manufacturing, on the other hand, process layout is desirable.

d) Type of machinery: General purpose machines are often arranged as per process layout while special purpose machines are arranged according to product layout.

e) Repairs and maintenance: machines should be so arranged that adequate space is available between them for movement of equipment and people required for repairing the machines.

f) Human needs: Adequate arrangement should be made for cloakroom, washroom, lockers, drinking water, toilets and other employee facilities, proper provision should be made for disposal of effluents, if any.

g) Plant environment: Heat, light, noise, ventilation and other aspects should be duly considered, e.g. paint shops and plating section should be located in another hall so that dangerous fumes can be removed through proper ventilation etc. Adequate safety arrangement should also be made.

Thus, the layout should be conducive to the health and safety of employees. It should ensure free and efficient flow of men and materials. Future expansion and diversification may also be considered while planning factory layout.

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Factors For Citing An Industrial Layout

Factors For Citing An Industrial Layout

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