dialogue of angels – akan essien

Write a term paper on the topic: the senators fiasco of 2018 and the dialogue of angels case in Akan Essien – GSE 111 (COE, Afaha Nsit)

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Dialogue of angels by Akan Essien

After a dinner of soaked garri and groundnuts, I decided to sleep at my verandah, my one room apartment being unbearably hot. This heat period everywhere indoors was hot especially during the nights. The sweet breeze, which blew gently from the trees around my house, encouraged my desire to stay outside for some time. I brought out my bed, a raffia mat which has worn out over the two years of existence and lay down. I was staring at the innumerable stars as they danced graciously in the sky.

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The gentle breeze caressed my body and without giving thought to where I was, I felt myself lifted bodily and deposited on a rock inscribed with the word ‘siddon look’.

There on top of the rock, the heavens opened and I saw a distinguished gathering of Angels. They were dressed in an unusual way. I began to think. Are Angels not supposed to wear white overalls? Why are these Angels wearing Agbada, Asoke, Kaftan and English attire? The Angels that I saw ate chicken and on their tables were huge bottles of ‘Jucee’ orange drinks, and bottled water. Their left hands were occupied with wireless handsets, which some of them, while their meeting lasted, talked into them and smiled like people amused at some remarkable discovery.

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So Angels could have a good time? Why do they look like Sumo wrestlers from Japan? They were questions without answers. I observed in the gathering that something was amiss. Where I God? My heart trembled at the thought of a heaven without God’s divine presence. I scanned through the depths of heaven to ascertain God’s location but an inscription answered my curiosity. At the entrance by the gate of heaven, golden engraved words read, ‘God is not welcomed’.

dialogue of angels – akan essien, dialogue of angels – akan essien

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