Classification Of Hotels According To Stars

Many countries allow various classification systems for hotels in accordance to chain name and type of hotel, however, there is no international classification which has been adopted. There have been attempts at unifying the classification system so that it becomes an internationally recognized and reliable standard but large differences exist in the quality of the accommodation and the size and design of the accommodation. Food services, entertainment, view, room variations such as size and additional amenities, spas and fitness centers and location are also vital in establishing a standard. As a rough guide:

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One-Star Hotels:

Hotels in this classification are likely to be small and independently owned, with a family atmosphere. Services may be provided by the owner and family on an informal basis. There may be a limited range of facilities and meals may be fairly simple. Lunch, for example, may not be served. Some bedrooms may not have an en-suite bath/shower rooms. Maintenance, cleanliness, and comfort should, however, always be of an acceptable standard.

Two-Star Hotels:

In this classification, hotels will typically be small to medium sized and offer more extensive facilities than at the one-star level. Some business hotels come into the two-star classification and guests can expect comfortable, well equipped, overnight accommodation, usually with an en-suite bath/shower room. Reception and other staff will aim for a more professional presentation that at the one-star level, and offer a wider range of straightforward services, including food and drink.

Three-Star Hotels:

At this level, hotels are usually of a size to support higher staffing levels and significantly greater quality and range of facilities than at the lower star classifications. Reception and the other public rooms will be more spacious and the restaurant will normally also cater to non-residents. All bedrooms will have an en-suite bath and shower rooms and offer a good standard of comfort and equipment, such as a hair dryer, direct dial telephone and toiletries in the bathroom. Besides room service, some provisions for business travelers can be expected

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Four-Star Hotels:

Expectations at this level include a degree of luxury as well as quality in the furnishings, decor, and equipment, in every area of the hotel. Bedrooms will also usually offer more space than at the lower star levels, and well designed, coordinated furnishings and decor. The en-suite bathrooms will have both bath and fixed shower. There will be a high enough ratio of staff to guests to provide services like porterage, 24-hour room service, laundry, and dry-cleaning. The restaurant will demonstrate a serious approach to its cuisine.

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Five-Star Hotels:

Here you should international standards. Interior design should impress with its quality and attention to detail, comfort, and elegance. Furnishings should be immaculate. Services should be formal, well supervised and flawless inattention to guests’ needs, without being intrusive. The restaurant will demonstrate a high level of technical skill, F&B production to the highest international standards. Staff will be knowledgeable, helpful, well versed in all aspects of customer care and combining efficiency with courtesy.

Classification Of Hotels According To Stars

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