Effect of Examination Malpractice on Students Performance Pdf


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1.1       Background to the Study

In Nigeria, education is seen as the key that unlocks the door to modernization. For these and other reasons, it has become important for the authorities concerned to enforce such activities that will promote the quality of education obtained in our society so as to avoid the situation or producing educated illiterates. However, every educational system in this country needs to be properly evaluated in order to achieve its intended goal that means examination is necessary in every institutions of learning.

Effect of Examination Malpractice on Students Performance Pdf

According to Alayinka (2000), examination serves not only as a tool for providing accountability of educational outcomes and as a basis for successive improvement of education programmes, but also for career guidance and selection into courses and for maintenance of publicly recognized standards. Despite these dividends of examination objectives, examination dishonesty has so penetrated the Nigerian educational system in this century to the extent that it is a common practice in all levels of education. 

Effort to eradicate or eliminate this experience in our educational system have proved abortive, it has become a social discomfort which is of great concern to a greater number of people. Most disheartening is the fact that not only a great majority of our students are involved in this condemnable act, some of our educational administrators, teachers, security agents and the general public who are supposed to be the pivot of good conduct are involved in the same offence.

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Effect of Examination Malpractice on Students Performance Pdf

Ukpong (2003) pointed out that examination dishonesty is one of the devastating and conspicuous forms of indiscipline in Nigeria. It is a social menace which has eaten deep into our educational system such that feeble minded persons now see it as an acceptable and recognizable means of passing examinations which they seek to encourage.

This condemnable act has increased both in magnitude and complexity over the years, and has undermined the integrity of our certificates and quality of education. Ukpong (2003) maintained that examination dishonesty has a serious damaging effect on the present Nigeria education system that it exists from a simple to a more sophisticated form.

Adeyegbe (2004) observed that, the method used by culprits are now becoming sophisticated and that as the examination bodies are busy improving their operations, these culprits are also busy planning on how to improve their efforts. The situation has become so bad that our national and local media is complaining about its effect on students. It has therefore become necessary to investigate examination dishonesty as it affects students’ achievements.

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