Basic Science Achievement Test (BAT)


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Instruction: Tick only one option each in each test item.

  1. _____ is example of measuring instrument (a) Tape rule (b) book (c) money (d) biro.
  2. In measuring are start counting from ___ (a) downward (b) middle (c) upward (d) none of the above.
  3. Measurement are useful because they help provide ____ (a) weight (b) accurate result (c) knowledge (d) volume.
  4. The type of measurement used to measure depends on ___ (a) size (b) weight (c) length (d) properties.
  5. Measurement act as ___ (a) labels (b) details (c) information (d) values.
  6. ___ is a quantification of a dimension (a) length (b) volume (c) measurement (d) height.
  7. ___ is used to measure the length of an object (a) meter rule (b) tape rule (c) book (d) piece of tread.
  8. ___ is used in measuring weight (a) scale (b) ruler (c) tape rule (d) string.
  9. ___ is used in measuring liquid substance (a) tape rule (b) measuring cylinder (c) biro (d) book.
  10. ___ is needed in measuring (a) accuracy (b) talking (c) distraction (d) motivation.
  11. Fruits are formed from ____ (a) mature ovary (b) stem (c) leave (d) root
  12. Fruits are classified into ______ and ____ groups (a) true and false fruits (b) seed and fruits (c) stem and leaf (d) mesocarp  and endocarp
  13. ____ is the type of fruit that develops solely from a fertilized ovary (a) false fruit (b) true fruit (c) fleshy (d) dry fruit
  14. ____ is the type of fruit that is formed from the ovary (a) true fruits (b) false fruits (c) dry fruit (d) dehiscent
  15. The pericarp of a being consist of ____ and _____ (a) seed and fruit (b) leaf and mesocarp (c) stem and root (d) endocarp and succulent mesocarp
  16. ____ fruits develops from a flower with a single ovary (a) simple fruit (b) composite fruit (c) fleshy fruit (d) dry fruit
  17. ____ fruit develops from a single flower with several ovaries (a)composite fruit (b) aggregate fruit (c) dry fruit (d) simple fruit
  18. ____ fruit develops from an inflorescent or flowers positioned very close to one another (a) composite fruit (b) aggregate fruit (c) simple fruit (d) fleshy fruit
  19. All these are example of living things except. (a) Pen (b) fish (c) goat (d) man
  20. ______ have ability to move from one place to another (a) phone (b) table (c) rat (d) living thing. Basic Science Achievement Test (BAT)
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